Is Music Dead?

Music [myoo-zik] noun
A sound heard through vibrations and rhythm creating a emotion to the viewer.

Yes, music is basically vibrations or sounds that can be heard through a frequency we humans hear. Its sounds bouncing off every surface into your ears, Though through listening music it enhances our mood, Music is essentially the best companion during the moments you want to express yourself in a different way. It helps us relieve us of the problems we are facing for a brief period of time, yet it is the best moment we cherish since we are free for a brief moment. In other words it can be a pile of lost feelings put together to create a lifetime of memories you have buried within your subconscious.

But,music was a huge thing back in the days and when i mean days i mean the dark age where music was a form of art rather than entertainment nowadays. Still the way music has evolved from being an art to entertainment shows, that it is staying here for the rest of earth’s life. When you listen to music do you actually hear it?Are you intently listening to the words and getting the message from it? Music back in the day was composed of concerts composed of piano violin,church music,operas,and carols.We had famous musicians compose songs that to this day are listened to, Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach.

Then during the 80’s and 90’s we got Louise Armstrong who started the wonderful genre of jazz (my favorite genre) Elvis,jimi Hendrix, madonna,bob,MJ who make music of rock and rap,David Bowie, Richards, Kurt cobs in and much more artists making history in music.Though these artists efforts they composed the music in a staggering way leaving a mark on their genre and giving everyone the best experience of music either in person or through their album.Music has become apart of our society as a whole, we use music everyday believe it or not, in car rides, elevator music, being put on hold on the phone with customer service,going to stores and hearing music played in the speakers above and just listening to it wherever you are.For some music is a stress reliever it’s a way for people to say things when they cannot find the words to say them out loud in a crowd or to the friends and family.

What i mean is that music is not dead, it is still going to stick around just like that friend who you love to hang out or a lover you loved since middle school.Also music is kinda like life in a weird way , it’s unpredictable it can make you surprised and confusing, it takes you to a whole different kind of world and also emotion and intimacy. I am deeply in love with music, it is something i can not live without,i love listening to all the genres even the most obscure ones because to me what makes a song beautiful to me is the emotion ,and how the instruments orchestrate the way the musician wants it to, by trying to invoke a strong emotion to you the listener.The way music can make you feel certain emotions is a feeling you cannot explain, you have songs that make you feel nostalgic about your childhood or your younger days, make you feel empowered like you can do anything your heart desires, cheerful, and even bittersweet sometimes.

Judging from the music today yes, some of it is head scratching since we have some songs about sex,calling women out of their names,getting high, drinking till you black out, and lastly being arrogant.Many people say that the music today is dumb,i sort of agree, but i see music today as a new genre for the people who like them.

Some of the modern music is beautiful and some are just for you when you feel down,you even find types of music that you never thought could work together such as rap and opera music, rock music with violin and many more.So today’s music has some hidden gems that will be like how our parents remember their favorite music. But overall all music is beautiful in their own ways, and we all have our own personal tastes and likes which is one of the good reasons why music is still around.But without a doubt music is always and will be a powerful tool you will use throughout your lifetime whether it be through your nostalgia, your good times in life, and your rough times music will be there to help you out with whatever things you are going through.





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