Music That Changed the 2000s

The first thing that you have to remember is that not all music is created equal. Some songs are just better than others, and you have to consider what changed the 2000s and what was just there. There are some songs and styles that you have to look into, and you will find out that the industry has grown more than you thought.

The very first thing that changed the 2000s was Smooth. That song that featured Santana and Rob Thomas might actually be the biggest hit of anyone’s lifetime if they remember when it came pout. It was on the radio all the time, and it made collaborations cool. There are a million people who are doing nothing but collaborations now, and it all started with that album that Santana did that actually was nothing but collaborations because he does not sing. He made it cool for artists to work together, and he made it easy for them to be heard.

The next one was the Dixie Chicks because they made it possible for pop artists to be country stars. They were definitely both, and they were able to make it very cool to like country music in a way that no one has done since Taylor Swift. They actually made Taylor Swift possible because they were the first to be like that and crossover in the way that they did.

Rap has changed the whole 2000s because it is now a game where anyone can break in with their own voice because all the voices are so different. You are going to find literally every kind of music in the rap game because some of them do not sing at all, but others really are singer. Cupid even went so far as to say that he was not even a rapper at all, but he kind of was. That is also interesting because these artistsa are all so different that they all really need their own categories. That also makes it interesting to distinguish between rap and R&B because a lot of people are really doing both at the same time.

Selling music online became the thing that changed the game, and now we can all get these things online without even thinking about it. That is why it is such a big deal, and you can think of a band like Metallica when you consider this because they demanded that they actually get paid for their music. They really brought about the rise of something like Pandora or Spotify because these are companies that are actually going to pay for the use of their music. That is why they came to be because bands wanted to be sure that they could get paid.

The next kind of music is the dance music that we now have everywhere. There are more EDM artists that you could ever imagine, and they are everywhere because of the fact that they have a place to share their music. The same is true of people who make mood music because most of it is instrumental. These same people often make some kind of folk and indie music that you used to only hear from Lisa Loeb. Now, all the people are doing it, and it is very popular.

American Idol and the Voice made everything different because they brought more people to the marketplace faster. There are a lot of bands who have albums now because there is so much room for all of them, and they can get found online.

YouTube has done the same thing because they have made it possible for people to get the exact music they were looking for when they were trying to find it. This means that people can have an interactive experience with music,a don they can even make their own tributes to this music. All the people who are trying to make sure that they can love music and enjoy it are going to see the changes that have been made by music like this. You will get things like Justin Timberlake breaking out because there is room for him,and then the people that are famous for helping in one genre will come over and give him the cred that he needs.

There are a lot of things that change music in the 2000s, and they are all right here for you to see. You might not have known that it would be like this, but it is more obvious than you could ever have known.





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